Beaumonde is a set of uber luxury 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments priced at $500,000+. Clearly, this fine world was for the creme-de-la-creme of Ahmedabad. Our brief was to create a campaign that reflected what Beaumonde meant – literally and metaphorically – The world of fashionable society. And the challenge was to let buyers experience a project still in the making.


  • Brand positioning
  • Visual Language
  • Campaign Idea
  • Advertising

Creative Solution

More than the art, it’s the story in the art that impresses people. Hence, we chose to tell our prospective buyers the story in Beaumonde. We created a grander story. And in the grander story, we presented the different aspects of the location as different pockets of experience. Each bringing the life they could have in front of the ideas. With photographs from model apartments, we presented the slices of Beaumonde life on a special platter.

Campaign Idea

Beautiful Begets Beautiful.

It’s our way of saying you have arrived in life and you deserve it. Because you are – like our property – made of fine tastes


We combined PR, advertising and referral marketing to give the property the the image and the visibility it deserved.

1000+ enquiries & leads generated over the campaign duration

Feature-driven ads

We created a series of beautifully designed ads that captured the salient aspects of Beaumonde. Every ad brought to life the indulgent lifestyle meant for a discerning few. Our communication had ‘exclusivity’ written all over it.