Brand the property and create a campaign that would break the clutter and ensure the property stood out amidst all the others ones out there.


The use of “Halcyon” as a term for peace/tranquility or to signify a golden time period in one’s life of serenity and prosperity is a direct co-relation to to the feeling one gets when walking into the property.


An interpretation of the brand name as calm/ peaceful and tranquil through a symbol that stands for a metaphorical oasis in a hectic city. Three circles are overlaid in shades of blue from a brighter aqua to a more serene indigo. The word Halcyon is typeset in a contemporary serif in white, with the Ratnaakar logo nested over it.

Campaign Concept

Every so often, there comes our way something that is a little too good to be true. Where all the little pieces fall together at the right place and at the right time to build a perfect little world for you. Deciding to buy a unit at Ratnaakar Halcyon is one such moment, where one can’t believe what’s at offer and waits for the big catch, but there isn’t one. It is perfect, and it exists for real.


Beautifully illustrated ads with tongue-in-cheek style copy and communication spanning press, outdoor and billboards that launched the property and created a a lot of noise and buzz.


A 2 part brochure designed to communicate that Halcyon strikes the perfect balance between peace and energy


Web Design

Landing pages created were simple & distinct from the website and served the purpose of encouraging the visitor to take the action we wanted them to quickly. Implemented CRO techniques such as click to call buttons to help push leads through the sales funnel quickly and improve ROI.

Performance Marketing

A highly optimised lean and mean performance campaign spanning the effective use of search, display and GMAIL sponsored push. Static and animated banner ads. Contextual placements. Inventory purchased in high impact websites frequented by the TG. Continuous remarketing also helped in bringing people back to the site and converting them to leads.