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PopSockets is a popular phone grip accessory from the USA. The little holder can be used to grip, prop and mount your phone. The product, which ensures that you never drop your phone, comes in a wide range of styles.


Popsockets as a brand and a product was fairly new to India. With the brand being at the early stage of the market cycle, we decided to do an educative yet fun campaign. We wanted to tell people about the brand’s existence and what a nifty little “life changer” it is. We came up with the campaign message - ‘Phone Better’ to drive our message home.

Visual Language

We created a stylish visual language with the agenda was to make Popsockets the go to brand for anyone looking to protect their phones while expressing their individual style.

Facebook Ads

We used that stylish visual language to create ads and videos that sought to communicate the ways in which Popsockets protected a phone and made it as aspirational product.


Influencer Campaign

We chose Instagram’s top influencers to be our online brand evangelists. In a fun direct marketing activity, we gifted influencers a set of Popsockets along with a gift hamper. The package contained a hammer, a chocolate case and an intriguing note. Influencers were then asked to post the unboxing videos and their reactions to get their followers excited about the product.


Increase in sales in 3 weeks

Search Engine Marketing

We did a highly lean Google search driven performance campaign educating people to buy - The Original Popsockets. We also created a customised landing page that further educated that audience about the differences between an Original and a fake product.


Reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost