• Web Design & Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Media Planning
  • SEM
  • Content Strategy
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Influencer Amplification


India is one of the biggest and fastest-growing markets for smartphones. With already presence in foreign markets, Rhinoshield wanted to enter India and establish itself as a truly global leader.

Web Design

With the products mostly sold through online marketplaces, we set out to strengthen the brand’s online presence. We wanted to drive sales through an exclusive website that customers could not only use to buy phone cases but also custom-design and choose all aspects including the color of the buttons and the backplates.

+85% improvement in Bounce Rate

Experiential Commerce

We wanted to build an e-commerce platform that showcased the product in all its glory and yet loaded fast. After a plethora of creative exercises, many hours deep diving and thoroughly testing the strategy, we arrived at a seamless and responsive e-commerce model.

Progressive design, clean consumption, intuitive navigability and express checkouts are hallmarks of this site design

8X Conversion Rate

Video Ads

The products were built using truly cutting edge technology. We developed a video library to demonstrate strength and to create a premium look and feel.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing and drop test videos showed off the military grade protection offered by the product

Digital marketing & media planning

Sophisticated media planning and digital marketing strategies spanning Search, Display, Google Shopping, Facebook and Youtube Action helped in increasing awareness and accelerating sales at a pace never seen before.