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To launch its AW’18 collection and showcase the range as fast as possible in a manner that befits it’s rebellious streak and to do it online so that reach is amplified and measured.


We live in a time when fake news make more buzz than real news. Wrogn wanted to use this to its advantage. The creative agency created an idea that stayed true to its philosophy of “Stay Mad. Stay Wrogn.” It created a spoof video with Virat Kohli starring as a hero, this time as a movie hero.

Digital Strategy

We handpicked the channels to serve the content far and wide. We created a 360° circle of social influence using right partners and content types. With a blend of social media, content and influencer amplification, we made the movie and the collection the talk of the country.




Unique reach

Influencer amplification

We partnered with leading influencers across lifestyle, bollywood, entertainment and mainstream media to drive social media chatter around the Virat Kohli starrer 'The Trailer'. This led to #TRAILERTHEMOVIE trending through the day




Unique reach


Total Conversations

Social Amplification

We chose Wrong’s consumer profile of youth, cricket frenzy audience and late millennial audience. Video promotions were done by creating relatable memes, articles and witty content. These were distributed through various groups, pages and channels that would create the much need conversation and curiosity.


Total Views

In-Image Advertising & Articles

With WittyFeed’s platform, we used rich media banners that showed a video overlay when users engaged with the ad and the article. The ads ran on several websites that were contextually-relevant and in-line with the visual content.



Results that matter

The video fetched the kind of views that a popular movie trailer would. The campaign surpassed the expectation earning millions of video views, social mentions and shares. And all this was achieved at a relatively lower cost than traditional media advertising.


Total Engagements


Total Video Views